One-on-one Tutoring

Much of the tutoring in the Learning Center takes place on a one-to-one basis. LAC tutors are here to help students become responsible, independent learners. To that end, the role of the tutor is to help the tutee arrive at an understanding of an assignment or problem and to help the tutee acquire the study skills necessary to eventually navigate coursework on their own.

To make the most of a tutoring session, students should:

  1. Keep up with your reading and other assignments; this is the best use of your tutor’s time. Do not plan to do your homework during the tutoring session.
  2. Attempt to do as much of your assignment as possible on your own before meeting with your tutor. Tutoring is not a substitute for doing or learning on one’s own work.
  3. Write down specific questions to ask your tutor. Your tutor is there to clarify specific areas of confusion. There is not enough time, nor is it your tutor’s job to teach you the whole subject.
  4. Bring your course outline, textbooks, lecture notes, and any necessary assignments to the tutoring session.
  5. Expect to do your own work. Do not expect your tutors to write papers for you, or to work out or give you the answers to your homework assignments.

It is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment in advance, as booking for individual sessions often fill-up up quickly.

Scheduling Appointments:

  1. Students must submit a Peer Tutoring Request Form before they can make appointments. Students may do this online. Click on the “Peer Tutoring Request Form” link in the menu above.
  2. LAC staff begins scheduling appointments for the following week every Friday.
    • Online: 11:00am
    • Over the phone: 11:00am

Walk-in Tutoring:

  1. Walk-In tutoring available every Friday and is subject to availability.
  2. During all other days, you may attempt to Walk-In for any tutoring session which has not been filled.
  3. If a student is late by ten minutes or more to their appointment, the session is opened up to students waiting on the WALK-IN List.

FYI: Sign-up for walk-ins at the front desk one hour before the desired tutoring session.