Plato Student Guide

Logging into Plato:

Account Login: elac

PLATO name: First 4 letters of the last name (lowercase) and the last 4 digits of your SID#(i.e. rodr1234)

Password: Last 4 digits of your SID# (i.e. 1234). Press “Enter” or “Continue.

Proceed by clicking through the topics and subtopics. For each module, perform the following in order. Under “Active Assignments”, click on “Select New Activity” to begin.

Tutorial –The module is shown in a presentation form.

Application – This activity is interactive and serves as a practice for the mastery test.

Mastery Test – This is a test to measure progress on each module. Completion is achieved by scoring at least 80%. See more information below. (Some courses also include activity/Mastery Tests)

To log-out of PLATO, simply select sign out (top right-hand corner).

Once logged into PLATO you must follow the Learning Center and PLATO protocol below to avoid account suspension.  Anyone caught violating the protocol will be warned & logged out of PLATO at the discretion of the lab staff.

  1. Mastery Tests are closed-material tests. Close all books, notes, other materials and devices before taking a test. Copying or sharing mastery test questions/answers in any form is NOT allowed.
  2. Food and drink consumption is not allowed (only bottled water is allowed).
  3. Use of computer for recreational activities such as games, social networking, movies, and online videos are NOT allowed in the Learning Center. Computers are for academic purposes only.
  4. Phone calls must be made outside the Learning Center. Set cellphone to “OFF” or “Silent” mode.
  5. ELAC’s Policy on Academic Honesty will be implemented. (See signs posted in Learning Assistance Center or class schedule or details).